As a Clinical Nutritionist, I offer one-on-one counseling. I work with my clients collaboratively to help them achieve their optimal health and wellness goals. I create individualized plans for nutrition and lifestyle shifts. I see each client as a whole and address all aspects of their lives (sleep, stress, exercise, food, environment) in order to create wellness.

I counsel clients in many areas including but not limited to:

- digestive health

- body composition

- blood sugar regulation

- balancing hormones through nutrition

- women's wellness

- sports nutrition

- detoxification

- healthy conception, pre and post natal

- pre & post surgery support

- immune support

- specific diets (Low FODMAP, AIP, SCD, SIBO, Ancestral, Vegan/Vegetarian, Ketogenic)

Are you deeply motivated to transform your body and become a healthier version of yourself? I will support, motivate and empower you with the nutritional knowledge needed to achieve your goals. 

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of nutrition and brighten your life? Let's create a unique plan to reach your wellness goals. 



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